Will it fit your car?

The majority of car umbrellas are universal so they will fit most cars and SUVs. If you have a very large or a very small car, you should carefully check the dimensions to make sure that it will fit. When they are folded down, they will fit easily into the trunks of most cars. Umbrellas that fit on hitches will fit most two-inch hitches.

How do you put it up?

Some car umbrellas have to be manually put up so you pull on them to open them. Others are automatic. They have a small motor and a battery and they are often operated via a remote control. If you feel that you will not be physically capable of dragging it open, then an automatic model would be best for you. If you choose an automatic one, you will need to keep the battery charged.

Will it get stolen?

Sadly, there are thieves out there who will try to steal your car umbrella. Many models have anti-theft wires. These are attached to the framework of the umbrella and feed inside the car. The thieves would have to cut the metal wires to remove the umbrella so at least that will deter opportunistic thieves.

How heavy is it?

Weight is important. Remember that you will have to lift the umbrella onto the roof of your car and you may have to manually put it up. Our umbrellas are extremely light in weight.

How strong is it?

Our Umbrellas are made from materials such as polyester and fiber glass which are lightweight yet strong.

Will it blow off?

All models will have some a type of suction cup that attaches the umbrella to your car roof. Some car umbrellas are supplied with extra ropes. These are used to anchor the structure of the umbrella to the wing mirrors of your car. These are highly effective in light winds but are unlikely to withstand a gale or a storm.